One Day…

One day
I will have the time
to paint, watch movies,
garden, walk,
swim, do yoga.

One day
I will have the time
to sit in the sun,
lounge, eat dessert before dinner,
nap at 4 p.m.

One day
I will spend four hours
in the kitchen crafting
a delicious
five-course meal.

One day
I will have the time
to meet with friends
for lunch or tea
without a toddler in tow.


One day
I won’t have
to worry about
planning my day
or doing anything
in a particular order.

One day
I will travel the world
without worrying
about school breaks
or impending deadlines.

One day
I will have time…

For now, I’m enjoying
the cuddles, the laughs,
the silliness
along with relentless questions, demands and sleeplessness.

For now, I’m relishing
The free hugs and new words
Along with teething pains and
Dropping everything to chase birds.

For now, I’m marveling at
The sponginess of the brain;
The freedom, the curiosity,
And hopping on the Happy Train!

For now is all I have
One day will come when it will
For now is what I hold tight
For now is where I dwell.


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